WordPress 5.5 – Features, Pros and Cons (Everything You Need to Know)

WordPress 5.5, which was scheduled to be released on August 11, 2020, is a significant update with many new features. This was the second major update of WordPress this year, which comes with a pack of new features and improvements.

In late 2018, WordPress released a new writing interface with WordPress 5.0, which is called as the Block Editor aka Gutenberg. Since then, every WordPress new release comes with a lot of improvements. WordPress 5.5 also came with such new feature and enhancements so that you can enhance your writing experience by several folds.

WordPress 5.5 Features:

WordPress 5.5 didn’t only come with improvements to the block editors, but it also allows you to edit inline images, improved content preview and much more. So, let’s take an insightful overview of every new feature and improvement.

Block Editor Improvements:

Block patterns are quite useful when it comes to more routine elements of your posts or pages. These patterns are ready-made blocks with commonly used settings, which you can find when you add a new block. You can quickly set up the layout of your page using block patterns. Although the number of block patterns is limited, this number will probably increase in the coming years.

  • The Block Directory

This block directory is a pretty cool feature and needs some explaining. Let’s talk about it in a simple way; the block directory contains WordPress plugins that can add new blocks to your editor. And at the same moment, you can find a lot of new blocks available.

The easiest way to use this directory is by adding a new block. Use the search field above and type in a feature or type of block you want to use, and click on “Add Block”. If the current blocks don’t match with your search, the editor will show other results from the block directory that might match your search. It opens up a world of choices, right?

WordPress Block Editor Improvements

Content Preview Improvements:

Writing a post or page on block editor gives you quite a good idea of how your post or page will look like after being published. No doubt, content preview feature is pretty helpful for writers and editors to preview their posts or pages before publishing them. This WordPress 5.5 release comes with some improvements in content previews like now you can check your content preview for multiple devices like Desktops, Mobile phones and tablets. We all know that mobile traffic is growing rapidly over the years, making your mobile site more important than ever.

WordPress Content Preview

Edit Images Inline:

This image inline editing improvement is quite exciting for all of us. In this release, WordPress allows you to edit your images in the editor – which means you don’t have to open your image in the media library, and you can simply rotate, resize, crop and so on, your image right where you are. In my opinion, this feature is quite helpful and enhances user experience.

WordPress Edit Image

  • Lazy-loading images

Lazy-loading images feature is quite impressive. The images will be lazy-loaded by default from now on – Which means, the images on your site will be loaded when it comes in range instead of loading at the same time. This will save time in loading your page and definitely, some users may find it quite helpful because they will not have to wait for so long to load the image.

Default XML sitemaps:

In this release, WordPress added its XML sitemaps by default. It will direct the search engines to index all your content on your website, which is pretty essential for SEO. Now SEO sitemaps have become one of the core functions of WordPress. This is kind of Awesome, right?

If you are a user of Yoast SEO, you already have an XML sitemap, and you might be thinking, whether two XML sitemaps are better than one? Well, you don’t have to worry about that. Although millions of other websites can improve using WordPress’ default XML sitemaps, as for Yoast SEO user, the Yoast SEO 14.7 automatically disables this default sitemap.

Automated updates for plugins:

From now on, you can enable auto-updates for your different plugins and themes. You can enable this feature, by navigating to your “plugins” in the menu and by clicking on “Enable auto-updates” next to your plugins.

5. Automated updates for plugins

Want to enable auto-updates for your theme as well? Simply navigate to your “side menu”, click on “appearances”, then select the theme you want to update.

auto-updates for your plugins

Before using them on your live site, it is best to enable auto-updates for your plugins if you are using them in a safe environment like a stagging website.

Pros and Cons of WordPress 5.5:


  • Block editor improvements
  • Content preview improvements
  • Easy-to-use Inline image editor
  • Automated Updates for plugins and themes
  • Default XML sitemap


  • Broken WP admin panel for dome website owners
  • WordPress 5.5 released without jQuery Migrate (JavaScript library)
  • Caused nearly 20,000 broken sites

The Bottom Line:

Since the release of WordPress 5.5, many website owners experienced some issues. Although, some exciting features have been added in this release, which enhanced user experience by several folds. If you are facing any issues with your website, you can contact Two Runs WordPress developers any time. Our team of experts is always keen to resolve your website issues.

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