What Makes Audio to Text Transcription Effective?

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Audio to text transcription involves converting the audio files into text format. A person can use audio transcription in various circumstances, like if you interviewed someone as a journalist. You want to summarize the main and important points of the topics; then, you can use speech to text transcription. Similarly, audio transcription is helpful for business professionals to maintain the written record of meetings.

Sometimes the information in the audio file is noisy, and you find it difficult to understand that information or you are somewhere that is inconvenient for listening to audio. Maybe you have a client who wants to know whether you can convert audio into a readable format. In all those circumstances, you need audio to text transcription.

Difference between Transcription and Translation:

Transcription involves converting the audio file into text format. In transcription, the audio file is converted into a text format of the same language in which original audio was recorded. The best audio to text transcription converts Spanish audio into Spanish text.

On the contrary, translation is the process of taking audio or text files and converting it into a different language. For example, if you have a written document in Spanish and want to convert it into French, then it is translation.

Effective Audio to Text Transcription:

These features make audio transcription effective. If you are looking for audio to text converter, then the following features must be on your mind:


If you want your speech to text transcription perfect, then a bit of human touch and a little more time can help. The best audio transcription services produce the perfect outcome with the help of their professionals.


Speed is one of the important features that make audio transcription effective. If you need fast audio transcription, then an option that automatically transcribes using machine transcription could be the best option. Some speech to text converters provides an accuracy of more than 85% in fast audio transcription.

No Grammatical Errors

Having no grammatical errors in the transcribed file improves the effectiveness of audio to text transcription. Highly developed system software with a little human intervention makes it possible to create errors free audio transcriptions.

Transcribe Multiple Languages

Transcribing multiple languages shows the diversity in audio transcription services. Most effective audio to text transcription services provides a transcription of various languages without compromising the quality, accuracy, and effectiveness of the final transcribed document.

Export in Dozens of Formats

The most effective and efficient audio to text transcription services provides multiple export formats according to the user’s needs—for example, MS Word, Google docs, Subtitles, Closed captions, and many more.

Under What Circumstances Audio to Text Transcription Is Effective?

Audio to text transcription can be the perfect way to solve a wide range of problems. Here are some problems out of many which you can solve using audio transcription services:

  • During Studies: If you are listening to an audio file and it makes you slow, then you can transcribe it into text format. You can only see all the main points with a short overview of each topic and then move to the next one.
  • Working on a Project: If you are working on a project and your resource files are in audio format, and it slows you down to listen to those audio files again and again. Then, you can convert them into text format using text to speech transcription services.
  • Hearing Loss: You have a hearing loss. This can make it hard for you to understand audio files. However, audio transcription services help you to convert them into text format so you can read them with better understanding.
  • Important Phone calls: Sometimes, we make deals on the calls with our customers or clients. Those agreements must be in written format to enhance their legal value. Using audio to text transcription, you can create a text copy of those recorded calls and share them with other parties as well.
  • Business dealings: In some cases, your clients want you to convert multiple audio files into text formats. In such cases, you can use speech to text services to comply with your client’s requirements and secure your business dealings.
  • Audio Interviews: If you are a journalist and you record a lot of audio interviews of different people, then obviously, you need to convert them into text files to publish them in one of your magazines. Audio to text transcription service can help you with this task and makes it easier for you to publish your interviews in writings.

How Long Does It Take to Transcribe Audio File?

The amount of time it will take to convert an audio file into text format depends on the length of your audio. If you are transcribing audio files on your own, then it will take a lot of time as compared to using audio transcription services. Usually, it takes 4 hours to convert 1 hour of audio in text format on your own, but using audio transcription services you can do this task in a few minutes. This is why audio transcription services are more effective and efficient than manual transcription.

Ways to Convert Audio to Text:

There are three main methods for audio transcription- Using an automated audio transcription converter, outsourcing to humans, and manually doing it yourself.

Using an automated audio transcription converter is the most effective and economical way. It has a high turnaround time. You can convert your audio file into text format in a few minutes using an automated audio transcription service.

If you outsource this task to some human, then it will take a lot of your time, and it will cost you very high. Similarly, if you try to do this on your own, then you will have to show a lot of patience because it will be a very time consuming and tiring process.

The Verdict:

Having a grip on audio to text transcription service is difficult for a non-technical person. Two Runs transcription service experts can help you transcribing your audio files into text format so you can continue with your work without any delay. Our team has full command of audio to text transcription service and can assure you the quality work in a specified timeline. Two Runs experts are always keen to help you with your problems and answer your queries in the most satisfactory manner.

Nisha Zahid

Nisha Zahid

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