Twitter Introducing Automated Captions for Video and Audio Posts


  • Twitter to Introduce Automated Captions for Audio and Video Tweets.  
  • The features will officially take effect in Early 2021.
  • Twitter has come up with dedicated teams to speed up this process.  

Has it ever occurred to you that you hop over some video on Twitter because you don’t have your earphones with you? Well, it has for everyone. And the good news is that Twitter is contriving ways to add Automated captions that will improve Twitter accessibility.    

According to reports, Twitter started testing different tweets containing audio or video without captions in July this year. They found out that they fall short in terms of accessibility of such tweets to all Twitter users.  

According to a Twitter Representative, “Testing voice Tweets earlier this summer made us realize how much work we still need to do as a company, and we made a commitment to make Twitter more inclusive for the disabled community – creating a dedicated team to focus on greater accessibility, tooling, and advocacy across all of our products.”  

Twitter is already highly operational in areas that lead to adding automated audio and video captions. This will, however, take a few months before it finally launches in early 2021. According to the spokesperson, Twitter is joining hands with different groups to gather information from people all over the world and come up with the best solution possible.   

To speed up the process of adding this new feature, Twitter has devised a new roadmap comprising of two teams that are dedicated to this work.  

The Accessibility Center for Excellence  

The Accessibility Center will be responsible for setting the goals and driving progress by due consultation with partners and external groups. This will include everything related to increasing accessibility, whether it involves marketing, communication, legal or policy measures.   

The Experience Accessibility Team  

This team will work in synergy with the Accessibility Center for Excellence to promote the accessibility of Twitter services. It will work on the new and existing features and will be responsible for providing different tools and resources that are required for enhancing the development cycle.   

The Twitter representative clearly stated that they want their services to be inclusive for the disabled users as well. Although the automated captions are not entirely to the point, they are somehow better than having nothing. Therefore, people are generally looking forward to having this update.   


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