Emirates Palace Review – A Royal Experience in Abu Dhabi


Being the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is the epitome of Luxury. Often referred to as the Manhattan of the Middle East, Abu Dhabi is filled with luxury hotels, shopping malls, first-class restaurants, and so on along with an array of unique and sought-after experiences for travelers all over the world. 

Among the luxurious establishments, there is one exceptional hotel that you should take note of.

Located on the pristine private beach that showcases Arabian hospitality at its finest is Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi with their splendid hospitality and services.  

Sitting on the western end of Abu Dhabi Corniche, Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi is popular for its golden-laden interior and its stately exterior with its wide arrange of leisure offerings and facilities. 

Guests of this hotel will be treated with their utmost and highest level of luxurious and personalized services with their royal treatment.

The Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi places itself in Hospitality as the staff will prioritize your relaxation to the point where you will feel at Home away from Home. 

Along with their incredible hospitality is their astounding facilities that will take your hotel experience to the next level, making you never want to leave while you enjoy yourself to the fullest. 

Emirates Palace Spa With Luxurious Relaxation

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi has multiple facilities that will cater to your every need. One of which is their Luxurious Comfort Spa.

For those looking to relax after a weeklong of stress, you can go to their Anantara Spa where you can experience luxury treatments by world-class teams of therapists to a whole new level. From Pedi and manicure to gentlemen’s tonic, the Hotel has teamed up with the best beauty and spa brands from around the world to bring you an unparalleled spa experience.

Emirates Palace Waterpark and Beach Side

Another area where both adults and kids can enjoy is Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi’s amazing water park and beachside. 

You can ride the waves on the coastal beach of the Arabian Gulf, overlooking its private natural bay as you bask in the salty-sweet smell of the cool breeze while you walk through the glistening white sand or sail through the gulf, all within the view of the soothing light from the setting sun or slide down their water slides or float along Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi’s very own lazy river as the currents propel you through their cascading waterfalls. 

You can also relax in their shimmering pool or their therapeutic jacuzzi while enjoying the royal treatment with the services of the hotel staff. 

Emirates Palace Restaurants & Outdoor Garden

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi also has an outdoor garden where you can wander while appreciating nature. The scenic view of the elegantly arranged landscape and décor as you stroll through the walkway of the hotel will make anyone feel relaxed and comfortable. 

If you want to make your experience more enjoyable, then here’s an offer for you. Supper Club has an exclusive emirates palace review package that can upgrade your Emirates Palace stay to the next level. 

Enjoy their elegant outdoor garden with Supper Club in their Greek-inspired restaurant – Cascades. This amazing restaurant is named for their cascading waterfalls and sea grottos within the water park which is directly beside it. In this restaurant, you can enjoy a picnic outside on the sweeping lawns of the west wing garden with stunning presidential views and perfect scenes. 

With Supper Club, you can enjoy a next level experience with their Supper Club price of a picnic afternoon tea at the Cascades with you and your unlimited number of guests. 

Aside from the Cascades, Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi has the finest global cuisine across 14 restaurants, lounges, and cafes that create a unique experience beyond compare. 

Enjoy these Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi restaurants along with Supper Club’s amazing deals and packages. 

One of which is their Martabaan by Hemant Oberoi. Feast on authentic, classical, and true aficionado Indian cuisine in Martabaan which is made by Hemant Oberoi is known as a celebrated master, the first Indian chef nominated to the world gourmet club, and who is recognized for his innovative approach to Indian cuisine. 

With his innovative recipes and cuisine, Martabaan features contemporary Indian classics, and exceptional personalized customer services as well as an elegant and aristocratic dining venue with amazing views overlooking the Arabian Gulf and the Marina where you can experience royal treatment to the fullest. 

According to the Emirates Palace Review, A local feature of Martabaan is the Tikka Le Bar, which presents a wide array of signature cocktails, perfect for adding more flavor to your meals. The menu is also composed of Vegetarian and nonvegetarian meals displayed in their two-set main menus for everyone to fully enjoy this fine restaurant to the fullest

Dine in this delectable restaurant along with Supper Club’s Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi package with discounts that come with a complimentary glass of bubbly or mocktail with the purchase of 2-course lunch or dinner. 

Another restaurant in Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi is their amazing buffet.

Paired with the fresh breeze of the clean air of Dubai, the Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi offers you a luxurious international royal cuisine with their Le Vendome.

Le Vendome is an all-day al fresco buffet where you can feast on local and international best dishes from the middle east and international favorites that are presented with precise attention to detail. Each dish is carefully made with seasonal and carefully sourced produce and is precisely fashioned a la main by Emirates Palace’s talented chefs – making each of their dishes stand out instead of being just a part of their buffet table. 

According to the Emirates Palace review, a highlight of Le Vendome is their seafood selection of lobsters, oysters, and such as well as their various fresh melt-in-your-mouth sushi options. Another highlight is their wide array of desserts such as their cakes, crème Brulé, and chocolate souffle. 

As this buffet is kids friendly, children especially love their spectacular chocolate fountain. Another highlight and must-try are their flavored Kebabs and Roasted eggplants that were grilled to perfection.

Along with these, all of their cuisines are carefully and beautifully arranged and presented on the buffet table in order to make it easy for diners to spot each and every one of the dishes that were made with perfection.  

To accommodate everyone, this Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi buffet contains rich and tasty options of vegetarian and nonvegetarian dishes for all to enjoy. 

To make sure every Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi guest enjoys this buffet to the fullest, the staff will walk you through all the different options and courses to make sure you get a better understanding of the wide array of food so that you won’t have to go through the hassle of exploring the buffet while you dine in. This is also for diners to take their time and enjoy the inside-out of the buffet.  

Le Vendome emphasizes simplicity but high quality. This amazing buffet makes sure that each dish is not only well made but also well served which will surely elevate your mood with its amazing food and services, as well as breathtaking scenery and ambiance. 

Along with a fresh selection of delectable food and view, this Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi buffet will also provide their highest level of personal services that will give you the royal treatment to serve you everything you need for you to have the best dining experience with their finest selection of classic cuisines. 

Emirates Palace buffet Le Vendome is a good place for any occasion, whether it may be a place with friends, a romantic and special night, or a wonderful family meal with its wondrous al fresco view of the Arabian Gulf and the private Yacht Harbor and in-house marina with its spacious outdoor terrace or indoor seating where you can enjoy their stylish interior decorations and ambiance. 

This Emirates Palace Buffet is usually priced at AED 295 for adults and AED 148 for kids ranging from 6 to 12 years old. 

However, with Supper Club, you can enjoy a delicious Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi discount for you and your guests of both adults and kids. Upgrade your experience with Supper Club’s offered Supper Club price discount (from AED 295 to Fresh 275 for adults and AED 148 to 138 for kids) for you and your companions.

No codes or vouchers are required, all you have to do is just show up at the venue, and Supper Club’s discount will automatically be applied to your Le Vendome bill. Quick, simple, sophisticated, and easy!

Aside from these restaurants, Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi also has other incredible restaurants. For those that are craving delicacies, you can savor yourself with Emirates Palace’s Brunch at the Palace where you can choose from the selection of an appealing assortment of gourmet fare as well as appreciate the elegant services of the staff that will make sure you fully enjoy your meal. 

If you want to experience the full majesty of the Palace, then visit Le Café beside the regal fountain where diners can choose from their array of sweet courses and treats, including their 24K dipped soft-serve ice cream cone – Ice Gold.  

Of course, according to Emirates Palace review, a must-try for this hotel is their special drink called “Emirates Palace Special Cappuccino” that’s topped with delectable gold and decorated with the creamiest milk and espresso.

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Family Accommodations With Emirates Palace

Aside from these restaurants, Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi is known for their highest level of luxurious hospitality. Of course, this also extends to children. Emirates Palace extends their hospitality and provides family accommodations to make sure families enjoy their stay. 

There are multiple facilities and places where children can have the time of their lives. You can embark your kids on the adventure with the hotel activities through the Kids Camp at the Palace where they will be fully occupied with fun activities throughout your stay.

Aside from that, you can also let them play around the white sandy beach, ride the water slides, float across the lazy river, or even an air-conditioned sports dome, where they will be taken care of by the Emirates Palace staff.

There are also fun appliances around the hotel where parents and children can spend family quality time with each other in the outdoors such as Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi’s parks, outdoor gardens, board games, and outdoor games.

There are even activities such as biking and there are sports fields that are provided with equipment, where you can play beach volleyball, soccer, or tennis or even have a refreshing and intense water balloon fight.

The staff is always ready to accommodate your and your children’s needs as you all enjoy your luxury family escape.

Emirates Palace Is A Tourist Destinations

As Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi is near the heart of the city, this amazing hotel is the perfect place where you can book while you go on a tour around Abu Dhabi. 

Visit all the landmarks and see what the capital city of the United Arab Emirates has to offer. You could go on a city tour with the Presidential Palace entrance, visit to the Ferrari World Theme Park, Yas Water world theme park, or even the Etihad Towers.

There is also the Emirates Divers Center for scuba diving for those that want to go on an adventure under the sea. 

According to the Emirates Palace review, a must-visit is the Al Mina Fish market which is known as the country’s oldest market and a perfect destination for seafood lovers to shop to their stomach’s content for all the fresh seafood. After shopping, you could eat what you’ve bought at a nearby restaurant where they’ll grill and cook your harvest to perfection. 

According to the Emirates Palace review, for those that are looking for entertainment, there is a Local Central Mall or Avenue Luxury Mall near Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi where you can choose from the wide selection of diners, shops, family entertainment centers, cinema movie choices, as well as a wide range of community services. 

Another place you should visit according to Emirates Palace Review is Abu Dhabi’s Desert Safari where you can sprawl through the Arabian Desert. There are a lot of activities that can be done such as enjoying a camel ride from the local camel farm, sandboarding through the desert sand, or experiencing a traditional henna tattoo from a local artist all while being treated to a delicious BBQ feast at the end of the trip under the stars.

If you want to view the whole city from a falcon’s point of view, you can go on a seaplane tour of Abu Dhabi and view the beautiful city on a plane, a good option if you want to try something different. 

According to the Emirates Palace review, if you don’t want to stray too far from the hotel you can visit the nearby museums. Abu Dhabi is also known for some of its great historical museums including the Louvre Abu Dhabi which was designed as a ‘floating dome of light and shade’ and showcases collected artworks from around the world.

There is also the Zayed Heritage Center which can show you the life of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who is also known as the Father of the Nation.

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi with Supper Club

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi is known for their outstanding hospitality and superb royal treatment that will give you the best hotel royal experience of your life. 

Whether it may be for touring, a getaway, or even to bond with friends and family – Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi is the perfect place where you can enjoy to the fullest with their amazing services that will leave you stress-free and relaxed. 

Do not forget to upgrade your hotel experience to the next level with Supper Club. Enjoy your Emirates Palace to the fullest with Supper Club’s Emirates Palace discounts and offers.

Supper Club offers 5-star, premium restaurants, spas, and hotels for all their members. You can pay up to half the price on these premium establishments with Supper Club. 

Guests accompanying members can also get a Supper Club discount. 

Get a membership now and book unlimited offers as often as you want for an unlimited number of guests so bring as many guests as you want. Whether it may be family, friends, coworkers, or more. 

The best part about Supper Club is that it’s hassle free. No codes and vouchers are required for the transaction. All you have to do is go to the venue and state your name and the Supper Club discount will automatically be applied to your bill. 

Discreetly applied to make your experience hassle free and much more pleasant. 

Quick customer service, simple, sophisticated, and fast. 

Try out Supper Club’s special offers for five-star venues around the United Arab Emirates with their luxurious offers with discounts. 

Have a royal experience in Abu Dhabi with Emirates Palace.

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