A Culinary Delight with Saffron Atlantis


5-star hotels, restaurants, and recreational spots, there are many places where you could visit in Dubai.

However, there is one particular place that you should consider visiting – or dining in. A must-visit restaurant, treat yourself to the World’s Largest Buffet – Saffron Atlantis. 

But before that, let’s first introduce Atlantis the Palm hotel. 

Atlantis the Palm is known as Dubai’s icon. Where comfort meets luxury, this amazing hotel is known as the ‘Destination for Entertainment’ for its iconic entertainment destination, making it the perfect place to spend your ultimate holiday full of fun and excitement that will awaken your urge and sense for adventure. 

From thrill seekers to food lovers and explorers, this place will give you an unforgettable experience that will make your vacation shine. 

Before we go to Saffron Atlantis, this incredible hotel and resort have other amazing places where you’d be able to have the time of your life. 

First up is their well-known Adventure waterpark which is known as the world’s largest waterpark with its extreme record-breaking slides and attractions. You could spend your time sliding down the highest peaks of the waterslides. 

There are also other activities such as their aquarium experiences where you can get a front-row view of the amazing Dubai aquamarine life within the chambers of the aquarium. If you want to view it firsthand, then Atlantis the palm has programs such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and walking through Poseidon’s submerged city with Aquatrek where you can cross paths with over 65,000 marine animals with their local sharks, swooping rays, and thousands of colorful marine species in the mysterious debts of the lost city of Atlantis. An adventure of your life you can’t miss!

Atlantis the palm also allows you to play with their friendly sea creatures. Meet their very own Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins. This amazing hotel has programs that can provide you with an up-close look at these amazing marine mammals along with their lifestyle and how they are cared for.

Atlantis the palm also has a wide range of interactive experiences with their sea lions where you can get an up-close on these amazing creatures along with an overview of how they are cared for.  

For those with families, there are a multitude of areas and activities where you and your kids can have a fun time. Aside from Saffron Atlantis, this amazing hotel and resort offers activities for your kids and teenagers. You could let your children and teenagers experience the holiday of a lifetime with saffron Atlantis the palm’s clubs. The first one is the Kid’s Club which offers fun-filled activities for children aged 4-12. Then there’s the Zone for teens aged 13-17 where they could hang out, chill, place, and dance to their heart’s content in this safe and adult-free zone, giving you free time for yourself.

Of course, aside from their amazing entertainment centers, Atlantis the palm hotel is also known for their amazing bars, lounges, restaurants, and Saffron Atlantis buffet.

Atlantis the palm hotel is home to the city’s best bars and lively beach clubs where day blends into the night with their nonstop parties. 

Experience firsthand the nightlife of Dubai with their epic Clubs, Bars, and entertainment. 

For an out-of-this-world dining and breezy open-air terrace and cocktail-sipping experience, go to White Beach which features an Instagram-worthy infinity pool and an amazing view of the perfect sunset where you can enjoy a day-to-night stay at the beach along with their combined luxury, comfort, music, good food, delicious cocktails, and excellent services. 

There is also Nobu by the Beach where you can enjoy a perfect balance of luxury and lifestyle that features a private pool and beach with cabanas and an outdoor restaurant. 

Then there is also Cloud 22 where you can enjoy a dip in their infinity pool that’s set in the sky overlooking the Arabian gulf along with their very exquisite cocktail. A place with stunning views and electrifying music. 

Another area that is a must-visit according to the Saffron Atlantis review is Ling Ling Dubai which is known as the destination lounge which leads you from the day, into the evening, and then into the late night through their signature tastes, sights, and sounds. You can enjoy an evening of dining, drinking, and dancing. 

Aside from Saffron Atlantis, there is a perfect place where both parents and kids can enjoy that has an equal amount of fun and excitement. Introducing Wavehouse is home of fun, food, and family entertainment. Whether it may be bowling with your family, hitting a high score in their arcade, or testing your skills on the Surf’s up wave rider, where you can have the time of your life. There is also an industrial-chic restaurant where you can order an assortment of meals along with a bar that will provide you with ice-cold drinks. A place where you can enjoy live tunes, swinging seats, and a festival vibe, Wavehouse is Dubai’s liveliest dining and entertainment hub.  

Along with these are Atlantis the Palm’s incredulous restaurants. 

A highlight of this hotel is their amazing restaurants where you can choose from their 21 different and unique restaurants. Go and open yourself to a world of cuisines as you enjoy this culinary destination as you dine in these restaurants with some hosting the world’s most renowned chefs and their mastery in bringing life to their dishes. 

Their restaurants are categorized into 3 – Celebrity restaurants, Signature restaurants, and Casual Restaurants.

Their Celebrity restaurants are run by popular chefs that have taken the world by storm. One of them is Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen restaurant featuring the renowned Chef Gordon Ramsay. 

Their Signature restaurants are their fine dining and luxurious establishments that will serve you exquisite food along with their elegant décor and excellent services. 

Lastly, we have their Casual restaurants which are perfect for having a fun meal time with family and friends. 

And one of these amazing Casual Restaurants is Saffron Atlantis.  

Saffron Atlantis has been labeled as the largest buffet in the world. With over 220 dishes and 20 live cooking stations, Saffron Atlantis is Dubai’s largest buffet where you can enjoy flavor-packed dishes of international, Southeast Asian, Indian, and seafood buffet feasts with their buffet. Whether it’s Saffron Atlantis dinner or a Saffron Atlantis Dubai brunch, you can enjoy yourself in their buffet that’s open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

This Multicuisine restaurant is known for its complete variety with its wide arrangements of food. From their appetizers such as their vast selection of bread including gluten-free carbs to their delicious salads, terrines, and cured salmon/ tuna – this amazing buffet is filled with authentic international tastes as they cater to Korean, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese and a combination of Western and European cuisines.

According to Saffron Atlantis review, a must-try is their sushi and seafood station with a huge mouth watering selection of sushi with their fresh seafood ranges that will make you crave for more – from octopus, crabs, oysters, shrimps, and mussels to scallops, and sashimi – enjoy the wonderful feast of Saffron Atlantis. 

Another station you must try according to Saffron Atlantis review is their dessert station which is filled with exquisite boosting creativity that will surely satisfy all the sweet tooths out there. 

The main highlight of saffron Atlantis is their amazing live stations where you can upgrade your dining experience while watching these amazing chefs in action. 

With their live stations, you can enjoy a theatrical dining experience as you watch their team of top-notch chefs slice, dice, sizzle, and stir at their Saffron Atlantis live cooking stations as the authentic dishes from India and Southeast Asia are cooked right before your eyes.

What makes Saffron Atlantis buffet amazing is their presentation of cuisines and the multitude of choices that will leave you in awe. 

Along with Saffron Atlantis food is the vibing ambiance and their very cooperative staff that will surely give you an excellent buffet experience. 

From their excellent customer service, well-mannered staff eager to help, to the chefs at the station and of course their menu and ambiance will make you want to visit this amazing buffet over and over again. 

To make your dining experience even more memorable, try out this amazing Saffron Atlantis offer from Supper Club that can give you an amazing discount and extra offers in this amazing buffet. 

Pay as much as half the price on these premium restaurants by taking advantage of the discounts exclusive only in Supper Club Me. No codes or vouchers are required, all you have to do is show up and the discount will be discreetly added to your bill. Have a hassle-free and pleasant experience at the luxurious offers of Supper Club with Saffron Atlantis.

Syed Qasim Abbas

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