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Apple Introducing Google Search Widget in iOS 14

Like Android, the Google Search Widget is now available for the iOS home screen as well. Home screen widgets are an addition to the iOS operating system, initially launching from iOS 14. Prior to iOS 14, there was very little room to customize the main screen. However, we see a bit of change in this update.

Luke Wroblewski (Director, iOS at Google) writes in the blog post: “iOS 14 has launched, and with it comes new features that make it easier to access some of the Google apps you use most often. Starting today, you can add a Google Search Widget to your Home Screen to let you find information even faster. You can also set Chrome as your default browser app on your iPhone or iPad, and in the coming days, you’ll be able to set Gmail as your default email app.”

Widgets are adding something different to iPhones that the Android users have been using since forever. So, for an android user, this might not be something new. However, for iOS or iPhone users, this is an extreme level of customization. This can be considered a good step for iOS users, as they have been fussing about a lack of customization for years. In addition to this, iPhone users can now add apps like Chrome and Gmail as defaults.   

Adding Widgets to Home Screen  

Adding Google Search widgets to your iOS home screen is super easy. You need to confirm that you are using the latest version of it. If you are not, you should switch to one. Once you are done with this, you can follow the following steps:  

  • Long press the home screen, and activate the “jiggle mode.”
  • Tap the + sign that will appear on the top left of the screen
  • Find Google in the scrolling list of apps.
  • You can choose the square or rectangular as per your desire.

The Square Widget – taking space of 4 regular icons – gives you access to the Google search bar. On the other hand, the rectangular widget occupies the space of 6 icons and offers more functionality. It includes Google Lens, Voice Search, and incognito search. For example, if you tap the lens icon, the iPhone camera opens up. If you tap the microphone icon, you can search using your voice. Similarly, the incognito icon lets you do the search in the incognito window.

Setting Chrome & Gmail as System Defaults  

In iOS 14, the users will be able to set third-party apps such as Chrome or Safari as your default browser. Similarly, there is an option to select any email app such as Gmail as your default Mail app.

In order to set Google Chrome as your default browser, you have to follow these steps:

  • Open the Setting app and scroll down until you see Chrome.
  • Tap on it and then tap the “default browser app.”
  • Choose “Chrome.”
  • Similarly, you can set Gmail as your default mailing app.

The Company is very eager to launch more widgets and their variations. Therefore, you should keep your iOS updated to get the latest stuff at hand.

Syed Qasim Abbas
Syed Qasim Abbas
Syed Qasim Abbas is Digital Marketing Expert by profession with 13+ years of proven experience. He is working full-time for a corporate sector and part-time for Dubai based company providing restaurants deals, brunches, pools etc. Syed loves to write about varies things and that's why he didn't cover any specific niche in this blog.

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