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Google Ads Merging Custom Affinity and Intent into “Custom Audiences”

In the past year, Google had shown this intention of introducing a “Custom Audiences” feature. Google Ads has finally announced to make it available for Display, Discovery, Gmail, and YouTube campaigns.

How does this actually Work? 

Previously, you had to create an audience list comprising two categories – Custom Affinity or Custom Intent audiences. However, now you can set up new custom audiences.

Custom Affinity targeted a larger range of audiences, whereas the Custom Intent was rather specific. However, with the introduction of Custom Audiences, both Custom affinity and intent have merged together, giving out more reliable and refined results.

In the top of the Audience Manager, you will see a Custom Audience tab which you can use to build your audience on the basis of these two categories:

  • People with any of these interests or purchase intentions.
  • People who searched for any of these terms on Google properties.

You can also target the URLs, apps, and places by choosing them from a drop down menu list. Moreover, when you are building the custom audiences, the right column shows the reach estimates. However, they are not available for mobile applications and places for now.

Existing Audience Management 

The existing custom affinity or custom intent audience will be automatically shifted to Custom Audiences. The division will be in the following way:

The Custom Affinity Audience in previous lists now becomes “People with any of these interests or purchase intentions.”

The Custom Intent Audience on Display campaigns is now a part of “People with any of these interests or purchase intentions.” On the other hand, those on YouTube, Gmail, and Discovery campaigns are included in “People who searched for any of these terms on Google properties.”

Creating a New Custom Audience 

You can create a New Custom Audience by clicking on the “Custom Audience” prompt at the screen’s bottom.

How is it Important? 

Custom Audience is a better practice as it gives you more specificity to target your audience. According to the official statement from Google, it states: “With custom audiences you can use a single audience for any business goal you’re driving toward, whether that’s awareness, consideration or conversions.”

When you select the right audience, your campaign will stand in a much better position than it would have been otherwise. As Google Ads product managers’ state: “We know that coming up with an audience strategy is hard work, and we want to make sure that work pays off for you by reaching more people at scale.”

Thus, we do hope that it gives out better and more focused results.

Syed Qasim Abbas
Syed Qasim Abbas
Syed Qasim Abbas is Digital Marketing Expert by profession with 13+ years of proven experience. He is working full-time for a corporate sector and part-time for Dubai based company providing restaurants deals, brunches, pools etc. Syed loves to write about varies things and that's why he didn't cover any specific niche in this blog.

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