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Google Announces Its Latest Investments for Legit Information

Google is continuously making efforts to disseminate relevant and reliable information in any consequences. Moreover, it takes different effective steps to index the latest news and information faster and quicker than before.

Faster Delivery of News 

Google has introduced an intelligence desk, an extension of Google’s crisis response team – monitoring and identifying the information and potential threats. The Crisis Response team is known worldwide for years to track down any events occurring in real-time.

In its blog, Google writes about the Intelligence Desk: “The Intelligence Desk is a global team of analysts monitoring news events 24/7, spanning natural disasters and crises, breaking news moments and the latest developments in ongoing topics like COVID.”

Google’s Intelligence Desk work on all the topics that people usually search for. This is a remarkable and significant improvement in Google’s information delivery system for the latest news and crisis information. At most, it takes a few minutes to come up with the newest news.

According to Google, this is the most accurate automated system that returns the most authentic and relevant information in a matter of minutes.

Knowledge Graph Panels 

In its blog post on September 10, 2020, Google claimed to be providing up to the mark information. This claim is true to a great extent as it results from the synergistic working of governmental bodies, health organizations, and Wikipedia.

Google gives the statement: “For COVID-19, we worked with health organizations around the world to provide local guidance and information to keep people safe. To respond to emerging information needs, like the surge we saw in people searching for unemployment benefits, we provide easy access to information right from government agencies in the U.S. and other countries.”

Almost all of us have noticed one or more events of vandalism in Wikipedia pages. The reason behind this is the fact that Wikipedia is so easily edited to give out falsified and misleading information. However, Google can detect the vandalism cases now and will take quick steps to beat this havoc.

Fact-Checking System 

Google is making unwavering efforts to make its fact-checking system more reliable. It is employing BERT to understand the context of search queries better.

Google’s representative Pandu Nayak writes in its official blog, “We also just launched an update using our BERT language understanding models to improve the matching between news stories and available fact checks. These systems can better understand whether a fact check claim is related to the central topic of a story, and surface those fact checks more prominently in Full Coverage—a News feature that provides a complete picture of how a story is reported from a variety of sources.”

Autocomplete Predictions 

Google is limiting its systems to show predictions or autocomplete options. This measure seems to keep the election process clean and honest.

Google states in its blog post, “We expanded our Autocomplete policies related to elections, and we will remove predictions that could be interpreted as claims for or against any candidate or political party. We will also remove predictions that could be interpreted as a claim about participation in the election—like statements about voting methods, requirements, or the status of voting locations—or the integrity or legitimacy of electoral processes, such as the security of the election.”

Syed Qasim Abbas
Syed Qasim Abbas
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