Scholarly Help Reviews: Legit Essay Writing Services or Not?


There are several essay writing services in the market; when a student needs to choose a writing company, the first question is raised: “is it a legit essay writing service?” So how can a student make a better decision to choose the best essay writing service? Many reviews on the internet are biased or in favor of the website owner. This is an unbiased review from the very few on an emerging essay writing service.

Scholarly Help is for students who need assistance with essay writing. Their services are not limited to this. But also helps those students who need online class help, homework, and exam assistance. They claim to hold a team of highly skilled field experts who are effective in finding robust solutions to academic challenges and offer affordable and inclusive academic assistance to deliver guaranteed results.

They offer writing services to United States students and claim to fulfill the format of several United States Universities. These institutes include PennState, UMGC, Liberty University, Palm Beach State College, Harvard University, Southern New Hampshire University, Excelsior College, and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Pricing Calculator

Pricing Calculator

The pricing system of Scholarly Help is unique from other legit essay writing services provider. They charge according to the grade and complexity of the assignment. The lowest price of their services is $13.5 while they work on an urgent basis as well within the one to a two-hour time slot. The pricing calculator of Scholarly Help shows three grade slots (Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C); the prices of each grade are different and seem to be affordable.

Other legit essay writing services prices are a little higher or similar, but their low prices are only valid for the high school for two weeks. It is a long timeframe because, during this time, there are a lot of assignments that students have to finish on a daily or weekly basis. It is only a trick that they are giving the impression that their legit essay writing service is very cheap.

At the same time, Scholarly Help’s lowest rate for undergraduates and other categories is better than other essay writing services, and the specific timeframe of making assignments is perfect for the students to get their services.

Scholarly Help services are not limited to essay writing; they provide various writing services to the students. Their services include essay writing services, homework, Online class help, and online exam help. The essay writing services category includes an online essay, research paper, dissertation, case study, capstone project, annotated bibliography, and review paper; the prices of these services start from $13.50.

The homework category includes PowerPoint presentations and Lab reports; they charge $9 per slide and $90 for Lab reports. Their PowerPoint presentation charges are much lower than other writing services. They charged almost $25 to $40 per slide within a three-day timeframe.

Online class help includes one credit hour, two credit hours, and three credit hours classes. The lowest price of one credit hour online class is $360. This type of service is not available in other legit essay writing services; Scholarly Help assists in the whole online course during this package.

The help with online exam category includes an online quiz, online exam, and proctored exam with a lockdown browser and without a lockdown browser. The lowest price in this category is $71.10. They are giving services for the proctored exam with lockdown browser as well, and this service is also unique from other legit essay writing services.

The pricing calculator of Scholarly Help does not include any offer for a referral system or first order discount. It could be a negative aspect of their services. But students can acquire discounts upon request through WhatsApp. 

Content Quality

It is important for Scholarly Help to provide quality content for the students. Scholarly Help has various experts in each field. On their website, they show the profile of their experts; students can hire them according to the help they acquired for their work.

Students also can see the reviews of different clients, most of the customer’s reviews are positive, and they are happy to work with their tutor. It shows that the Scholarly Help tutor’s produced quality content for their customers. In fact, they claim that they have the best native writer that makes their website a legit essay writing service.

Customer Supports Services

Scholarly Help enthusiastically responds to their customers. They are available all the time. They are responsive and very professional when they talk to the customers. They have quick chat support for the customers and WhatsApp chat support as well, which makes them unique and proves that they have legit essay writing services.

WhatsApp Chat Assistance of Scholarly Help


They also claim to provide unlimited free revision, so students just need to ask for modification, and they won’t cost a single penny. If students need online exam help within a short timeframe, they respond to them quickly and provide viable solutions to their problems. 

Payments Method

Scholarly Help Payment Method

Scholarly Help accepts Visa cards, Master cards, and PayPal methods. PayPal is the easiest method of payment. Many essay writing services providers do not allow PayPal for their payment method. Students like this method of payment due to its ease.

When the students visit their website, they find a “No Advance Payment” policy. It means that students do not need to pay them before completing the assignment. Scholarly Help delivers the work first and then gets its payment. This way of payment makes Scholarly Help a legit essay writing service.

Is Scholarly Help Reliable?

By watching its price, payment method, customer support services, and content quality, it is not difficult to say ‘YES’. They have native and professional field experts. Most of the reviews are positive, their pricing method is easy and trustable, like PayPal, and their response to customers makes them reliable for the students.

Scholarly Help


Scholarly Help is a legit essay writing service. It is not limited to essay writing but provides different academic writing services for the students. Their pricing calculator gives many options for the ease of the students so they can choose their work according to their needs. Their customer support services are appreciable because they respond quickly and clear all concerns of the customer. Customers' reviews show that they provide quality work.

  • WhatsApp chat support
  • Native and professional tutor 
  • Reasonable prices from other writing services
  • Easy payment method (PayPal)
  • Charge according to the complexity of the assignment
  • No hidden charges
  • Services are explicitly available for the undergraduate to Ph.D. students.
  • Need to contact for discounts but no apparent first order discount or referral discounts.
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