LinkedIn to Integrate with Microsoft Ads for Better Audience.


  • LinkedIn Targeting is merging with Microsoft Search Ads for better results  
  • Robust Business to Business Approach (B2B) by identifying potential audiences  
  • Dynamic Remarketing is out of beta but still in the process of development  
  • Improvement in In-marketing Audience Strategy to go with more narrow targeting  

With Microsoft’s announcement about making LinkedIn targeting available for Search Ads, the PPC managers’ hopes have borne fruit. LinkedIn targeting is allowing more focused and concentrated insight into different audience types. This had been a significant problem for many businesses that strictly dealt with B2B. The consumers and businesses essentially searched in the same way, using the same keywords in the search engines. Thus, this made it difficult for companies to differentiate between the two entities – consumers and businesses.   

However, Advertising on LinkedIn drives on the particular person and the activity with options for industry, employer size, and other things. Therefore, it is regarded as a big platform.  

LinkedIn is now allowing to set targeting at campaign levels and apply to search, dynamic search, shopping, and audience campaigns.   

Microsoft notifies that all the targeting is not available right now, but they are still working and will furnish the proper targeting in the coming months. However, for now, advertisers have choices to select and define the job function, industry, and company.   

Moreover, as for now, the targeting option is limited to “bid only”. This means that the campaign will not run on the persona types you’d specify, but on those audiences who have applied the bid adjustment.  

Dynamic Remarketing  

The dynamic remarketing that was in beta earlier is now out of it. Now you can retarget the visitors that previously visited your site along with the products that they viewed.   

The dynamic remarketing lists being supported as for now are:  

  • Product pages  
  • Product searches  
  • Product viewers  
  • Shopping cart abandoners  
  • Past buyers  

Microsoft states that the lists are regularly updated, and the customers who have purchased the product are immediately removed from the Dynamic Remarketing lists.  

In-market Audiences  

In-market audiences provide an efficient way to connect with customers searching for particular products over the internet. After the US, you can target the in-market audience that has shown interest in particular products in France and Germany as well.  

Over 100 French and 200 German audiences are present in the market for different categories such as apparel, financial services, auto, travel, and home.   

Although still in phases of improvement, this step of integrating LinkedIn Targeting with Microsoft Ads is considered a win-win in targeting specific audiences.  

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