LinkedIn Taking Good Steps for Page Owners to Understand Audience.


  • LinkedIn Attempting to Enhance Audience Connections  
  • New update regarding Page Followers
  • Twitter Update of notifying upcoming Events
  • The “My Company” tab as part of the latest update  

“As better as it gets,” LinkedIn seems to be working on this principle as with the latest update includes specific features such as the “My Company” Tab, “Events” tab, and “View Page Followers” options. The step mainly focuses on facilitating the page owners and the audience so that they might learn more about each other and stay abreast of the promotions and events.  

LinkedIn representative states in his blog, “In fact, according to a recent Glint survey, as the pandemic goes on, we are seeing employees beginning to experience less connection to leaders (31%), teammates (37%), and even their friends (40%). With a growing number of organizations announcing that their employees are required to work remotely until 2021, it’s more important than ever for organizations to take action and ensure their teams will thrive in a virtual work environment.”  

The following are the newer features that LinkedIn just put on the table:  

Page Followers  

Before the update, the page owners were able to see the total number of followers only and the demographic breakdown. However, after this latest update, the page owners are now able to see the people following them. It also enables them to manage the list categorically according to company, business, or location. The “insight” column in the followers’ tab tells how they find your page and exactly when.   

In the announcement about the update, LinkedIn said that: “This provides the transparency needed to better understand audiences, so organizations can more easily share the right content and build their LinkedIn community around the conversations that matter most.”  

Events Tabs  

The events tab shows past events as well as upcoming events. It gives options to mark the events that you are interested in attending so that you can be notified at the right time. Moreover, you can share these events with your followers or friends. This is a fantastic way of making virtual events such as online conferences and webinars more discoverable in the times when you cannot physically engage in any activity freely.  

My Company Tab  

The “My Company” tab is specifically intriguing for the employees as it has features mainly designed for them, including employee milestones, anniversaries, promotions, and others. It is a great way to celebrate and stay connected even when working remotely. In addition to this, LinkedIn claims to add more features to this tab in the later updates such as content curation and broadcasting it to your employees for seamless sharing.   

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