Justice Department to File Antitrust Case Against Google later this Month.


  • Justice Department to file Antitrust Charges Against Google 
  • The Career Lawyer’s demanding more time to put forward a stronger case
  • The discord between the Republicans and Democrats 
  • Trump’s accusation against Google 
  • New Appointment made by the Attorney General 
  • Some fear that Barr is rushing in to make it a win for Trump 

As it states, in the coming weeks, the US Department of justice is going to sue against Google for antitrust charges. Attorney General Bill Barr has set a deadline by the end of September for the lawyers so that they might wrap up all the work. However, the career lawyers demanded more time to build a more strong and robust case, but the Justice Department could not meet their requests. According to the New York Times, the lawyers investigating Alphabet have shown their concern stating that the case is being used by the Justice Department to deliver a triumph for the Trump administration.   

The Times reports that some of the lawyers renounced the case declaring that the case would not be strong enough until a full investigation could not be completed. However, the Attorney General remained adamant despite their protests. The Justice Department has been planning to file lawsuits against Google, allegedly accusing it of using its strength to stifle the competition.   

The Investigation is mainly being carried out in two separate areas, one of them focusing on the dominance of Google in online search and the other one focusing the advertisement controls. In one of the Times’ reports, the inquiry has collected enough evidence against Google for its prohibited anti-competitive practices.   

The Democrats and the Republicans both are supporting the antitrust action taken against Google. Still, the state attorney generals are not yet sure how to move forward with the Democrats and Republicans’ division. The Republicans are being accused of rushing the investigation to declare it a win for Trump. In contrast, the Democrats are said to be slowing down the investigation hoping that the case will keep hanging till Trump’s rival Joe Biden wins the presidency and takes the credit. The Attorney Generals fear that the federal case will weaken without the Democrats and the Republicans’ bipartisan support.   

Yet other lawmakers call for a more exhaustive investigation against Google, alleging being biased in certain aspects. Trump has also claimed that the company shows negative and biased results against him.  

A team of lawyers speaking to the Times also feared that setting such a deadline and rushing into completing the inquiry could give Google an advantage.  

The case has been taking political turns after Barr made some of the appointments in the inquiry. He appointed Jeffrey A. Rosen, a deputy AG, as the in-charge of investigation, Ryan Shores, an antitrust lawyer, led the review, and a Counsellor Lauren Willard to join the team liaison.   

Still, when the debates on ways to move forward did not tone down, Barr was compelled to step up and declare Shores as the in charge.  

Google, as a company, owns Chrome (the leading Web Browser), Android (most used operating system), YouTube (top video site), and the perfect navigation system. According to Google, it faces intense competition from opponents.   

As for Trump’s accusation about Google being biased, the Republican Attorney General cited Twitter’s decision that flagged Trump’s tweet as any evidence did not support it.   


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