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How Magento 2.4 Fuel Your Business Growth In 2020?

Magento is one of the widely used open-source platforms for eCommerce. Like other eCommerce platforms, Magento allows online merchants to control over the content, functionality, and look of their online store. Magento offers robust search engine optimization, catalog-management, and marketing tools.

Magento allows the shop owners to start with few products and expand their store to hundreds and thousands of products without changing the platform. It provides your customers with a user-friendly interface. Moreover, Magento offers several plugins and themes to provide a more appealing interface for your customers.

Individuals and Businesses, who are thinking of starting a long-term eCommerce website, must think about Magento as a priority. Magento is the best open-source platform for eCommerce business, but what makes it more prominent is its features and the professionalism it offers.

The best thing about Magento is it never gets obsolete. With the increasing needs of eCommerce platforms and security issues, Magento is continuously upgrading its version. Magento 1.0-Beta was the first version released in 2007, and since then Magento has got 54 versions with the Magento 2.3.5 being the latest one. Similarly, regular security updates have been releasing to deal with security issues.

Why You Should Use Magento 2.4 For Your Business?

Magento 2.3 allows you to build a “Monumental” website for your eCommerce business. It offers flexibility and diversity in managing your eCommerce website. Currently more than 200,000 eCommerce companies including Nestle, Ford, Nike, Samsung, Lenovo, etc. are using Magento. Today Magento got 29.89% of online market shares.

Such increased numbers of online stores and companies reflect the importance of having Magento for your eCommerce website.

But here the question is “How Magento 2.3 fuel your business growth in 2020?”. The best thing that helps eCommerce owners to grow their businesses using Magento 2.3 is its diversified features. Since Magento has evolved a lot in the past years, some new useful features have been introduced to provide more support to eCommerce businesses.

Basic Features of Magento

Inventory Management

Inventory management feature allows you to manage your Inventory, including imports and exports of the products. You can also check the amount of stock available using inventory management.

Product Management

You can manage your products like product descriptions, reviews, and favorites. Not only this, but the Product Management feature also allows you to check the record of your current Inventory for any specific product.

Category Management

Category Management is one of the essential features that must be present in every eCommerce website. Using this feature, you and your customers can easily navigate through different products based on their category.

Order Management

You can easily track the orders from your customers using the order management feature.

Customer Service

After selling products, customer service is an essential factor present in every eCommerce business. Your customers can easily contact you using this feature, and you can also send your customers follow-up emails about your products and services.

Client’s Account

Magento 2.3 allows you to record and maintain the transactions of your sales and payments with your clients. You can also check their account status.

Modes of Payment

You can get access to multiple payment options that allow your customers to make purchases using their preferred payment methods easily. Magento 2.3 provides your customers with PayPal, Google Checkout, Credit cards, eWAY, ePay, and many other payment methods.


Magento 2.3 allows you with the multi-lingual feature to interact with different customers from any region of the world.

Search Technology

Magento 2.3 support search on Google Sitemap. It provides fast and user-friendly search results.

Marketing Tools

The promotion of your product is necessary for the continuous growth of your business. Magento 2.3 provides you with multiple marketing tools to promote your product and generate more sales.

Analyze Performance

Magento 2.3 is integrated with Google Analytics to provide you with multiple reports based on your sales and promotions of your products.

Security and Performance Updates

The security of your eCommerce is one of the primary objectives of Magento 2.3. Their developers release regular security patches to keep your website secure from hackers. Moreover, Magento releases multiple performance updates to provide the best user experience to your customers.

The features mentioned above are present in every version. But Magento 2.3 comes with additional features to further fuel the growth of your business. Every eCommerce platform has some downsides too, but Magento is one of the best platforms because of its never-ending improvements in performance and security.

Following are the additional features present in Magento 2.3 that can further excel your business:

Multi-Source Inventory (MSI)

Multi-Source Inventory allows you to manage multiple warehouses at a single time. It provides you with low-level up-to-date inventory reports. You can easily manage the delivery of an order from a particular product location based on the shipping address.

“Buy online and pick up in-store” option to enhance the customer shipping experience and to increase the traffic. If your customer orders multiple items and he wants some product in advance, then you organize a separate shipment from a different warehouse with a faster delivery service.

Progressive Web App (PWA Studio)

It is not possible that you are building an eCommerce website and you haven’t heard of PWA. Progressive Web App is the future of eCommerce website development with similar features like in mobile apps. PWA allows you to get access to web content without any internet connectivity. With the Integration of PWA, Magento 2.3 has become one of the fewest eCommerce platforms providing this feature.

It allows your customers with many benefits like offline availability of content, Time-saving, Home screen icon, low data use, faster loading, and much more.

Magento 2.4.0 Key Features to Further Fuel Your Business Growth

Following key features are introduced in Magento 2.4.0 to provide better performance:

In-Store Pickup

Multi-source inventory or Inventory management introduces the In-store pickup method. Due to its flexible notifications and configuration, this feature is introduced to the needs of curbside pickups.

As a seller, you can select which physical inventory location should appear as customer pickup points. Customers can discover a nearby location and view information about it, in their turn during the checkout.

New Media Gallery

Content-driven experience is now much easier with Magento 2.4. Both eCommerce and Open source allow you to streamline a completely rebuilt Media Gallery that delivers the best performance enhancement. You can work 30 times more than previous versions using Magento 2.4 because of the integration of Adobe Stock.

The key features of this improvement include:

  • Filter images faster and New image attributes to search
  • Controlled access to the Media Gallery with a system of permissions
  • Adobe Stock management and image licensing right in the Media Gallery of your Magento 2 website
  • New image details that explain how often and where images are already used

Seller-assisted Shopping

Magento 2.4 provides the seller-assisted shopping functionality to assist your customers and guide them. The enhancements in this feature include:

  • You can save the customer time by placing orders and creating quotes on behalf of your customers.
  • Magento 2.4 can get full access to a customer account by troubleshooting any part of the buying process for the storefront.
  • Now it is much easier to guide the customers about any custom functionality of the storefront.

Purchase Approval Workflows

Magento 2.4 allows B2B buying companies to customize their approval processes via a simple form. Now, approval rules can be defined following order value, shipping costs, or number of SKUs. For instance, you can create a limit on purchases over $10k made by buyers. Such transactions will require the approval of a senior manager.

The efficiency of B2B interactions rises substantially due to the corresponding notification system. It is possible to approve, reject, or comment on a purchase order right in an account of a company’s employee. You can achieve faster and more convenient ordering using Magento 2.4.

PWA Enhancements

A new version of the PWA studio has been released with Magento 2.4. It introduces new Venia storefront experiences and accelerated development process available for both Commerce and Open Source.

  • Support for Venia UI components within Adobe Experience Manager-powered storefronts
  • A complete cart and checkout workflow
  • An extensibility framework to customize the capabilities of PWA Studio more efficiently

Other Enhancements

  • Faster cart and checkout performance
  • Faster add-to-cart performance for quick ordering
  • Faster reordering
  • Composer Update Plugin now automates several previously manual actions.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) cannot be disabled and is required for all admin users
  • Various scalability improvements, including Redis optimizations, resulting in better performance
  • The core Braintree integration has been deprecated. Now, it is available as a Vendor Bundled Extension

The Verdict

You can choose Magento 2.4 for your eCommerce business to fuel your business growth in 2020. Two Runs provides the website and app development services for your eCommerce business. Our team of experts is always keen to help you in setting up your eCommerce website with high efficiency so that you won’t face any issue in the future. Our experts will help you with your Magento 2.4 website for eCommerce.

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