Google Takes Steps Against The Irresponsible Use Of Images On The Web

Not everyone is well aware of the fact that just like the audio or video documents that we take from the web, Images are also subject to copyright and legality issues. People have long been taking the images from Google for their commercial purposes. Little do they know that it’s unethical, in fact, “Illegal” and against the Fair Usage Policy to use Google Images without permission from the owner.

It has been a common practice ever to search images on Google and use them the way you desire. People usually do not bother duly acquiring licenses or permissions. Therefore, the photographers have been blaming Google for making their photos easy to be found and used. Finally, Google is no more blind to the misuse of pictures and images, and hence has taken the step to make sure that the images are duly “licensed.”

Back in February, Google announced the testing version of image licensing that it has officially released now. Many of you would have noticed the little “licensable” tag on the bottom left of the image thumbnail. It is one way of showing that the image is ‘licensable’ and can be purchased for legal and commercial uses.'s image taken from Google Images

After selecting the Licensable image, it shows the ‘license details,’ which present a link directing you to an entirely different site where you can purchase the image from. However, it solely depends on the provider if he wants to publish the license information.

Licensed Image Taken From Google Images

Image Search Tools

Before this, Google Image Tools had options like ‘Labeled for Reuse’ and ‘Labeled for Reuse with Modification.’ With the Licensable badge’s launching, the Google Image’s search filters now include only three options ‘All,’ ‘Creative Common Licenses,’ and ‘Commercial and Other Licenses.’ You can find it in the drop-down menu of the ‘Usage rights’ in Google Image’s Tools section.

Filter Licensed & Commercial Images

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