Google Announces Easy and Safe Shopping for its Users

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  • Google’s attempts to make shopping easier.  
  • Local Availability filters  
  • Comparison of shopping options
  • Local Pickup options
  • Navigation in Google Maps  

Google is introducing different ways to make shopping easier than never before. It is updating the shopping search results in a way that the customers can pick and shop safely from the local. Swati Trehan (Product Manager) mentions it in the blog post that Google searches for curbside pickup and safe shopping has increased significantly in the past few months.  

She writes: “Convenience and safety are important when you’re deciding how to shop–in fact, we’ve seen Google searches for “curbside pickup” and “safe shopping” increase tenfold in the last few months.”  

In addition to increasing the local presence, Google has introduced changes that help customers to shop at nearby places rather than ordering from far-flung areas.  

Filter By Local Availability  

The users can use filters to get only the nearby results. After searching for the product, you have to select the “Nearby” option. Or the users can type “near me” with the search query that will automatically filter the results according to your location.  

In its blog post, Google states: “Whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s a new laptop for working from home, a baby jacket for fall or a grill for backyard barbeques, Google makes it easy for you to see what’s available locally. Simply tap the Shopping tab, and select the Nearby filter at the top of the page or add “near me” to your search to view product options available from stores located near you.”  

Comparison Shopping  

Besides, as with the increasing market, the need to comparison shop has increased as well. Google is taking essential steps to compare the local stores by previewing the available items that a user is searching for. When a user searches for the product, Google will display different results, along with their pictures and prices.   

Local Pickup Options  

As the pandemic continues, the companies are making larger and more reliable efforts to find out ways to deliver products that minimize the risk of contact. Similarly, Google has also taken steps that allow the users to figure out if the stores are offering curbside or in-store shopping. For the urgent delivery of items, it is driving out ways to confirm their order before the stock runs out.   

Navigation Options  

If the option of online delivery is not available, Google provides a link to the navigation in Google maps.

Nisha Zahid

Nisha Zahid

Nisha is a research writer having keen interest in technology. According to her digital advancement is the necessity of the hour. Therefore, she keeps herself abreast of all the latest developments happening in this field. In the free time, she loves to read books.

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