Google Ads Reducing Search Term Reports Owing to Privacy.


  • Google is resolving to stop giving out insignificant search query reports triggering their Ads.  
  • The decision pertains to protecting user privacy.  
  • Impact of this limitation on advertisers’ financial situation and management of negative keywords  

Many of the advertisers woke up to this notification from Google Ads stating that “We are updating the search terms report to only include terms that were searched by a significant number of users. As a result, you may see fewer terms in your report going forward,”  

The impact of this notice is still in question, as the term “significant” still remains unexplained by Google. However, it is indisputable that the advertisers will not be able to see the search terms with one or two clicks.  

User Privacy Concerns  

According to Google, the main reason for limiting the Search Terms Reporting lies in protecting user information that is justifiable to some extent. Yet, there are specific implications that the advertisers’ campaigns have to bear. Thus, withholding the reporting data may prove to put the advertisers in a nescient position. Moreover, Google could limit some of the sensitive queries for privacy reasons. There are thousands of low-volume terms that do not jeopardize user privacy.  

Challenges for the Advertisers  

Since the advertisers pay for every click that triggers an ad, it is their right to have the full report of what they are paying for. Depriving them of this data can have real financial repercussions on them.  

Moreover, with the implementation of this new decision, the management of negative keywords will be totally uncertain. If the advertisers will not have the insight into the low search terms, how would they be able to shift them from positive keywords to negative keywords to decrease the irrelevant traffic that is costing them on every click? Previously, the careful management of Negative queries helped the advertisers to reduce CPC (cost per click) and improve the ROI (Return on Investment), thereby increasing the CTR (Click-through rate).  

To Google Ads, it might seem like annulling one or two low-volume keywords. But when all of these add up, they can put the advertisers in hot waters without allowing them to understand which keywords are not giving out the results.   

Downloadable Search Term Reports  

As the advertisers were able to get the Search Query reports to download for them. Many advertisers hoped that they would get the detailed reporting along with the low search volume keywords in a downloadable form. But this is not the case. Google is not going to make the data available even in those reports.   

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