Google to open-source Robots.txt Projects for C++ and Java

Highlights:   Open Sourcing robot.txt projects for C++ and Java   Specification Test for robots.txt   Java port of C++ robots.txt parser   Requirements for new testing frameworks   Previously, Google had open-sourced robots.txt that is used in Java. However, now it has announced to release some additional source code projects in C++ and Java.    C++ and Java:   Google has […]

Apple Introducing Google Search Widgets in iOS 14

Headlines   Apple offering more customization to iOS 14 users   Add widgets to your Home Screen   Set third-party apps as your default browser and default mailing app   Like Android, the Google Search Widget is now available for the iOS home screen as well. Home screen widgets are an addition to the iOS operating system, initially launching […]

Recent Plugin Bug: WordPress Sites Under Probing and Attack

Highlights   WordPress sites being attacked due to the “File Manager” plugin.   Wordfence is taking security measures to alleviate the problems. Wordfence recommendations to avoid such malicious attacks.   According to reports, thousands of WordPress sites have been attacked yet again, said Defiant – the company behind Wordfence. On Friday, they stated that the attackers exploited “File Manager,” which […]

Netlify Announces Agency Partner Program to Boost Web Development

Highlights:   Worldwide Agencies are partnering up with Netlify   Benefits of Netlify Agency Partner Program   Statement from Chris Bach, President of Netlify   Netlify – a renowned web development platform, announced its Netlify Agency Partner Program. According to this program, digital agencies are encouraged to improve online experiences through modern JAMstack tools. Different agencies are already collaborating […]

WordPress 5.5 – Features, Pros and Cons (Everything You Need to Know)

WordPress 5.5, which was scheduled to be released on August 11, 2020, is a significant update with many new features. This was the second major update of WordPress this year, which comes with a pack of new features and improvements. In late 2018, WordPress released a new writing interface with WordPress 5.0, which is called […]