YouTube Shorts to be launched in India as the Beta Version

Highlights:   YouTube launches the Beta Version of YouTube Shorts.   Features of YouTube Shorts. The strategy behind releasing the beta version in India. How does it shoulder competition with TikTok?   YouTube has announced to launch a new feature under the name of “YouTube Shorts,” which is supposed to give competition to TikTok. Currently, it will only launch in […]

Google Ads Merging Custom Affinity and Intent into “Custom Audiences”

Highlights  Google’s decision to introduce Custom Audiences.   What happens to the existing custom audiences?   How to add new custom audiences? Importance of the new feature.   In the past year, Google had shown this intention of introducing a “Custom Audiences” feature. Google Ads has finally announced to make it available for Display, Discovery, Gmail, and YouTube […]

Google Announces its Latest Investments for Legit Information – Two Runs

Highlights   Google’s new announcement is focusing on giving out relevant and authentic information.   Formation of Intelligence desk for faster information. Knowledge Graph Panels and Fact-Checking Systems. Elimination of biased and political autocomplete predictions.   Google is continuously making efforts to disseminate relevant and reliable information in any consequences. Moreover, it takes different effective steps to index […]

Facebook Limiting Ads for Better and Optimized Performance – Two Runs

Highlights: Facebook Ad Limit taking effect from February 2021   The new limits will optimize the performance of Facebook Ads   The Ad Limits for Small, Medium, Large and Largest Businesses   Facebook Precautions   Having announced the upcoming limit for Facebook Ads in November 2019, it has officially declared how the new ad system will take effect from […]

Tech Companies Have Made Developments for the November Elections

Headings  The response of Tech giants concerning upcoming elections.  How different platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are playing their part.  As the November election gets closer, the responsibility to disseminate relevantly and up to the mark information increases. The tech companies feel the pressure to avoid spreading any misinformation about the voting process.    […]

LinkedIn to Integrate with Microsoft Ads for Better Audience.

Highlights   LinkedIn Targeting is merging with Microsoft Search Ads for better results   Robust Business to Business Approach (B2B) by identifying potential audiences   Dynamic Remarketing is out of beta but still in the process of development   Improvement in In-marketing Audience Strategy to go with more narrow targeting   With Microsoft’s announcement about making LinkedIn targeting available for […]

LinkedIn Taking Good Steps for Page Owners to Understand Audience.

Highlights:   LinkedIn Attempting to Enhance Audience Connections   New update regarding Page Followers Twitter Update of notifying upcoming Events The “My Company” tab as part of the latest update   “As better as it gets,” LinkedIn seems to be working on this principle as with the latest update includes specific features such as the “My Company” Tab, […]

How Social Media Marketing Promote Your Brand Awareness?

It is easy to understand why brand awareness is critical. Businesses with excellent brand awareness boost their sales in no time. If we talk about brand awareness, there are many different ways to promote your brand, including, but not limited to, content marketing, digital marketing, direct marketing, social media marketing, etc. We are living in […]