Google beta testing auction-based pricing for LSA

Highlights:   Google to set Auction-based pricing instead of fixed pricing for LSAs   The final decision will depend on Beta testing results   Importance of Local Service Ads for Advertisers   Impact of the auction-based pricing for LSAs   Google is planning to set auction-based pricing for Local Services Ads (LSA). This will be officially decided and declared after […]

Google Confirms Delays in Search Console Reports via Twitter – Two Runs

Highlights:   Google Search Console Reporting Issues.   Official Statement from Google Webmasters and Representatives.   The obvious time frame of fixing this issue is yet unknown. After many speculations from the users, Google has finally updated on Monday via Twitter that Google Search Console reporting is taking longer than usual to give out the Index Coverage Report. […]

Bing Launches a New URL Inspection Tool for Better Ranking – Two Runs

Highlights  Bing’s URL Inspection Tool for better page ranking.   It provides information about crawling issues, indexing status, SEO errors, and other information.   A Statement from Bing’s representative Kumar Snehansu.    Announcing the tool earlier this February, Bing has officially launched a URL inspection tool that is designed particularly to rank pages in a better way. Moreover, it […]

LinkedIn to Integrate with Microsoft Ads for Better Audience.

Highlights   LinkedIn Targeting is merging with Microsoft Search Ads for better results   Robust Business to Business Approach (B2B) by identifying potential audiences   Dynamic Remarketing is out of beta but still in the process of development   Improvement in In-marketing Audience Strategy to go with more narrow targeting   With Microsoft’s announcement about making LinkedIn targeting available for […]

Google Search Console: Index Coverage Issues and Their Possible Fixes

At first glance, Google Search Console (GSC) may appear a bit discouraging because of so many reports, functions, and metrics that make little sense. But you can’t just ignore it. Google Search Console is the most important tool for every website owner and mostly for web-masters. If you are already aware of Google Search Console, […]