Google beta testing auction-based pricing for LSA

Highlights:   Google to set Auction-based pricing instead of fixed pricing for LSAs   The final decision will depend on Beta testing results   Importance of Local Service Ads for Advertisers   Impact of the auction-based pricing for LSAs   Google is planning to set auction-based pricing for Local Services Ads (LSA). This will be officially decided and declared after […]

Google to open-source Robots.txt Projects for C++ and Java

Highlights:   Open Sourcing robot.txt projects for C++ and Java   Specification Test for robots.txt   Java port of C++ robots.txt parser   Requirements for new testing frameworks   Previously, Google had open-sourced robots.txt that is used in Java. However, now it has announced to release some additional source code projects in C++ and Java.    C++ and Java:   Google has […]

YouTube Shorts to be launched in India as the Beta Version

Highlights:   YouTube launches the Beta Version of YouTube Shorts.   Features of YouTube Shorts. The strategy behind releasing the beta version in India. How does it shoulder competition with TikTok?   YouTube has announced to launch a new feature under the name of “YouTube Shorts,” which is supposed to give competition to TikTok. Currently, it will only launch in […]

Apple Introducing Google Search Widgets in iOS 14

Headlines   Apple offering more customization to iOS 14 users   Add widgets to your Home Screen   Set third-party apps as your default browser and default mailing app   Like Android, the Google Search Widget is now available for the iOS home screen as well. Home screen widgets are an addition to the iOS operating system, initially launching […]

Google Announces Easy and Safe Shopping for its Users

Highlights:   Google’s attempts to make shopping easier.   Local Availability filters   Comparison of shopping options Local Pickup options Navigation in Google Maps   Google is introducing different ways to make shopping easier than never before. It is updating the shopping search results in a way that the customers can pick and shop safely from the local. Swati […]

Google Ads Merging Custom Affinity and Intent into “Custom Audiences”

Highlights  Google’s decision to introduce Custom Audiences.   What happens to the existing custom audiences?   How to add new custom audiences? Importance of the new feature.   In the past year, Google had shown this intention of introducing a “Custom Audiences” feature. Google Ads has finally announced to make it available for Display, Discovery, Gmail, and YouTube […]

Google Confirms Delays in Search Console Reports via Twitter – Two Runs

Highlights:   Google Search Console Reporting Issues.   Official Statement from Google Webmasters and Representatives.   The obvious time frame of fixing this issue is yet unknown. After many speculations from the users, Google has finally updated on Monday via Twitter that Google Search Console reporting is taking longer than usual to give out the Index Coverage Report. […]

Facebook Announces to Release “Watch Together” Feature this Week.

Highlights:   Facebook Messenger introducing “Watch Together.”   Working of the new feature. Impact of “Watch Together” for Facebook and users.   Facebook Messenger is one of the most widely used platforms for Video calling. According to reports, it facilitates more than 150 million video calls every day. In addition to video calling, the Messenger is now introducing […]

Google Announces its Latest Investments for Legit Information – Two Runs

Highlights   Google’s new announcement is focusing on giving out relevant and authentic information.   Formation of Intelligence desk for faster information. Knowledge Graph Panels and Fact-Checking Systems. Elimination of biased and political autocomplete predictions.   Google is continuously making efforts to disseminate relevant and reliable information in any consequences. Moreover, it takes different effective steps to index […]

Bing Launches a New URL Inspection Tool for Better Ranking – Two Runs

Highlights  Bing’s URL Inspection Tool for better page ranking.   It provides information about crawling issues, indexing status, SEO errors, and other information.   A Statement from Bing’s representative Kumar Snehansu.    Announcing the tool earlier this February, Bing has officially launched a URL inspection tool that is designed particularly to rank pages in a better way. Moreover, it […]