Breaking: Android 11 is Finally at Your Disposal With its Amazing Features


  • Official Release of Android 11 
  • Major differences between Android 10 and Android 11 
  • Android 11 features and improvements 
  • Separate Personal and Work Profiles 

After announcing the release in February 2020, and launching a beta version later in June this year, Google has officially launched Android 11. Although it is only supporting Pixel phones right now, we expect its availability for the rest of the devices very soon.   

So, what’s new in Android 11?  

Notification Drawer  

As compared to Android 10, where the notification drawer had all notifications in a sloppy and disorganized way, Android 11 has it all cleaned it. It has categorically arranged Conversations, Alerting, and Silent notifications. Thus, in this way, you have more control over your notifications than you ever had!  

Notification History  

If you are one of those people, who swipe away a notification and later regret thinking that it could be an important one, congratulations, Android 11 got you! You only need to toggle on the Notification History option from Settings, and it will start saving your notification history for as long as 24 hours.   

Chat Bubbles  

Although the idea of Chat Bubbles started in Android 10, it wasn’t so in the limelight and mostly stayed in the shade. However, in Android 11, Google is prioritizing it. The Android Chat Bubble works essentially in the same way as does the Facebook Messenger’s chat bubble, except the fact it includes all the chats.   

Screen Recorder  

“Better late than never” – finally, Android has its own Screen Recorder. It stays in the Quick Settings tile. You can choose from a few options, like recording your screen-taps or audio with the screen recording.  

Music Play Controls  

Unlike Android 10, which had media controls in the notification drawer, Google decided to shift its position down to the notification bar in Android 11. It is fairly justified, as a media controller is not a notification – it is a tool or gadget. It is super easy to switch your mobile’s speaker to your Bluetooth speaker or headphone. Android 11 also allows you settings that automatically makes your player disappear when you have stopped listening to the music.  

Smart Controls  

As we advance in technology, we are using different devices and appliances to make our lives easier. Android 11 allows you to control your devices with your mobile phone. It allows you to set up six of your devices by default, but you can add/remove devices however you want to. You can easily turn on/off devices, check security cameras, unlock your door, etc.  

App Permissions  

This is a new initiative by Google in Android 11 that you can give app permission for a certain session. After you close the app, Android will ask you for permission again. In this way, you can choose whether you want to grant app permission for all time or only when using it. In this way, your data will remain safer as some of the sneaky apps will not be able to collect information that you do not want to share.  

Auto Reset:  

Another incredible thing in Android 11 is that it “auto-resets” the apps you have not used for quite some time. Android will revoke all the permissions that you had once granted. Thus, if you don’t open the app, your data is safe.  

Theme Scheduling  

Although it was originally introduced in Android 10 that you could choose a dark mode or light mode. Android 11 makes it more exciting and fun to use. Now you can schedule the themes – for example, you can schedule the dark theme to turn on or off during the day and vice versa. Once you schedule the dark theme, it will turn on and off on its own.  

New Updating Policy  

As all of us are aware that Google releases the latest Android version every year, and the subsequent security patches are released later in the coming months. The users get these updates by the OEMs or the carrier. However, it varies that which users get the update faster, which gets them slower and does not get them at all. To overcome this discrimination, Android 11 will give off the update via Google Play Store. In this way, it will push out the updates to all users irrespective of their carriers and OEMs. Although they cannot give out the Android version updates in this way, at least they can help with the security patches.  

Share Sheet Apps  

In Android 10 and 11, its sharing system has significantly improved. You can pin apps that you want to share your stuff too. This feature allows the user to decide the apps’ preference order that you use for sharing your files and data.  

Android Auto  

It has been a pretty useful system since the beginning. The only limitation that the users felt was that it required the phone to be plugged in at all times. However, Android 11 introduces wireless Android-Auto connections – if your car supports the feature.  

Better Voice Access  

In Android 11, you do not have to say the numbers corresponding to the Apps. In fact, you can simply say “Open Facebook, compose a post,” and you’d be done with it. This feature shows how seriously Google is addressing the accessibility issues in Android devices.  

Personal vs. Work Profile  

Until now, people usually carried two separate phones for their professional and personal uses. However, Android allows users to have separate profiles for both cases. Some of the companies monitor the company’s phone; Android 11 allows you to keep a personal profile separate, ensuring that its IT department does not monitor it.   

Although Android 10 and Android 11 are not totally different, there are still some pretty friendly upgradations in Android 11. Google is finally taking some serious attempts to make Android devices more user friendly and accessible. All the points which Google missed last year, are taken care of very seriously such as the Chat bubbles and themes. Everyone is looking forward to using this newer version soon! It is quite evident now that Google is taking every step to provide a seamless user experience in all aspects of digital world. 

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