Bing Announces New Testing Tool to Fix Robot.txt Problems


  • Bing Introducing new tools for robot.txt file.
  • The new tool allows changes within the editor.
  • Many indexing issues are being fixed by this tool.   

Many of you would be aware that a robot.txt gone wrong can bring out super unexpected consequences for your Website’s SEO. A robot.txt file directs the web bots or search engine crawlers to crawl or index pages that you wish and leave those you do not want to index. In this way, a robot.txt file is a way that provides you the access to control search engines.    

Recently on Friday, Bing has announced a new tool that will enable the SEOs to check their robots.txt file and figure out any problems that may restrict Bing in crawling the webpages properly. Bing states: “We at Bing understand that frustration of our users and hence have come up with our new and enhanced robots.txt tester tool. The robots.txt tester helps webmasters to analyze their robots.txt file and highlight the issues that would prevent them from getting optimally crawled by Bing and other robots; but, also guides them step-by-step from fetching the latest file to uploading the same file at the appropriate address.”   

The recently added tool can help SEOs to test and validate their robot.txt file thoroughly. It will give insight into any blocked URL and the statement that is blocking it. Besides, the robot.txt file is easily editable. You can make any modifications or changes using the editor and test the URL right away. If everything is up to the mark, you can download the robot.txt file and make it available offline. However, you can easily fetch the latest changes if in case you made them somewhere else. The original announcement of Bing says: “…the test functionality checks the URL which we have submitted against the content of the editor and hence, once changes are made in the editor, you can easily and instantly retest the URL to check for errors.”   

Moreover, the robot.txt tester displays both the secure and insecure versions such as http://https://https://wwwhttps://www. with and without the www prefix in the editor.    

This is considered as a remarkable feature on Bing’s part as it can prevent a lot of indexing issues by controlling the crawlers not to crawl pages that do not need indexing, or problem of web pages not getting ranked because of unintended entries in robot.txt. Thus, it can really help the SEOs to get to a stable SEO-optimized website.   


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