Artificial Intelligence – Making Machines that are Intelligent & Learned

It is a well-celebrated saying, and we often hear it from different people. There is no question in the authenticity and possibility of it becoming real. Artificial Intelligence or AI is definitely going to save the day.

Wondering what actually Artificial Intelligence is? Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML) is the intelligence of machines attributed to human qualities. You can call it an amalgam of computer systems and human intelligence such as visual perception, decision making, cognitive abilities etc. Thus, AI is all about simulating human intelligence in machines which think like humans and try to mimic their actions and thought processes.

So, anything with the intelligence of the human mind and the efficiency of computer systems would amaze the humankind. Two Runs is very keen and eager to adhere to the AI strategies and trends to every extent possible.

The concept of Artificial Intelligence combining with human abilities has given rise to different illustrations including Cognitive Robotics, Virtual Agents, Identity Analytics, Recommendation systems and others.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

AI is a broad term encompassing different branches. Categorically, Artificial Intelligence is divided as Type I and Type II. Type I primarily deals with the Capabilities, whereas Type II deals with the Functionalities.

The Type I of Artificial Intelligence is of further three types

Artificial Narrow Intelligence

Artificial Narrow Intelligence employs a limited part of the mind or focuses on one narrow task. It is also known as “Weak AI.”

Key Characteristics of Weak AI

  • Read facial expressions
  • Write music
  • Diagnose mental disorders
  • Analyze data etc

Artificial General Intelligence

In Artificial General Intelligence, the machine is capable of understanding or learning any intellectual information just like any normal human being would. It is also known as “Strong AI” or “True AI.”

Key Characteristics of Strong AI

  • Understanding of Abstract Concepts
  • Ability to Solve Puzzles
  • Judge, Plan, Learn and Communication
  • Tell Right from Wrong
  • Have Emotions etc

Artificial Super Intelligence

The Super AI systems surpass human abilities and intellectual responses. It is also known as Super Intelligence. So, when people talk about robots taking over the world, do they mean it?

Type II or Functionality Artificial Intelligence is further classified as the following.

Reactive AI

Reactive Artificial Intelligence has no memory of its own. However, it responds to certain impulses.

Limited Memory AI

In Limited Memory Artificial Intelligence, the memory is confined to areas that would help the system to learn and improve responses to certain stimuli.

Theory of Mind AI

Theory of Mind AI is concerned with understanding the needs and requirements of intellectual beings.

Self-Aware AI

Self-Aware Artificial Intelligence is most common to human beings, having their understanding, intellect and self-awareness.

Strategic Trend of Artificial Intelligence

Evolution of User Experience

This new decade is all about to bring substantial changes and evolutions. We can see people interacting differently in the digital world. More and more of the business and people, in general, are now relying on computers systems because of their ability to do stuff that humans would never be able to do by themselves.

Success in Hyper Automation

Hyper Automation is the integration and collaboration of automatic systems into businesses. It is a process involving all the stages such as identifying, analyzing, monitoring and performing. Hyper automation emphasizes seamless coordination between the different systems to enhance their abilities such as robotics, computer systems and even humans!

Human Augmentation

Human Augmentation is a process in which science and technology are used to enhance the human living conditions and uplifting different cognitive and physical abilities. This has been achieved to a valuable extent with the invention of different wearable electronics such as glasses, smartwatches, personal drones etc.

Autonomous Devices

Autonomous devices use Artificial Intelligence to learn from their surroundings and experiences just as humans do. They are able to execute most of the tasks on their own. With more advancement in technology, autonomous devices will go greater guns. As for now, drones and humanoid robots are significantly popular as autonomous devices.


Transparency in the working environment is a must-have. Especially in the world of today, where everything is being subjected to constant threats and vulnerabilities. However, Artificial Intelligence has made companies take protective steps to secure their valuable data ethically and morally using AI and ML capabilities.

Distributed Cloud

Cloud-based Artificial Intelligence has the ability to incorporate or choose certain features efficiently and smoothly. In a Distributed Cloud system, the cloud services are partition in chunks at different locations. However, the evolution, operation, processing and updates stay within the main cloud. This has paved the way for a more organized cloud computing for businesses and companies.

Blockchain Technology

In the world of today, there is a lot of potential for blockchain technology. It has made it feasible for the companies to track their assets in a way to reduce risk of replacement, reducing costs, making transaction secure and private. Artificial intelligence has given a better ground to the blockchain technology.

Are Alexa and Siri real Applications of Artificial Intelligence?

You must have come across the Voice Assistants such as Alexa and Siri. Apart from being convenient that they are, they are real applications of Artificial Intelligence!

Relying on the natural language generation and processing, they learn from the process of Machine Learning (ML) and operate and perform better with time. Language and ability to speak – something that humans take for granted but the scientists and developers into real hot waters. Imparting the ability to read or understand to a machine is known as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine’s ability to write or speak in a way that humans can understand it is called Natural Language Generation (NLG).

An Application of Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning gives access to machines or Voice Assistants in this case, such as Alexa and Siri to learn from their surrounding and do things accordingly. For example, whenever Alexa or Siri do not put forward your request, it uses the data and tries to improve it the next time if any such query occurs. In the case of favourable responses, the voice assistants note and mark them as well.

AI During the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis

Artificial Intelligence has proved itself to be very beneficial in the attempt to fight COVID-19 – a global pandemic that has taken the whole world into its folds. It helps to keep track of patient conditions and predict the aftermath of certain preventive and therapeutic applications. It is a moment of immense amazement that AI has enabled humanity to detect and diagnose the infection timely. Artificial Intelligence has done an exemplary job in monitoring the affected individuals carefully as well as tracing their immediate relatives to rule out the probability of them getting the COVID infection. AI is still hope in research centres facilitating research on the causative agent of COVID-19 and devising out treatment regimens and prevention strategies to fight it.

AI Takeover – Reality or Myth?

No matter how far the technology goes, it will always be humans controlling it, and it would not be the other way round. AI Takeover is a hypothetical scenario created by people who fear Artificial Intelligence for its extraordinary capabilities. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are just tools, and it depends on us how we use them – the right way or the wrong way! It’s us who have to decide and make certain boundaries to make it friendly AI. So, stay calm because AI is not taking over humans and not controlling the world. Certainly not in this lifetime, my friend.

At Two Runs, our team is all praises about the latest Artificial Intelligence strategies and ideas, and we make sure that we move forward with the parallel pace. When we know that AI is the future, it is smart and wise to embark on the endeavour of proceeding with it!

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